Jan. 29 is National Puzzle Day each year. A weekday might not be the best day for this. How about moving it to Super Sunday each year?

I didn't make this day up. National Puzzle Day is a real event. I enjoy doing puzzles a couple of times a year. Around the holidays when the conversation with the relatives has worn thin. And on summer vacation with the extended family when the conversation has worn thin.

Speaking of conversation wearing thin, six hours of Super Bowl pre-game might be a little much. Maybe I can find a sports-themed puzzle to assemble, as NBC spends way too much time telling me how footballs are assembled, and what their pressure should be. Along those lines, if you missed the Saturday Night Live opening from this past weekend, it's worth a view, below.

The pictures included in this post are actual puzzles of mine that I pick up at the Armory Sale each year. I have to thank my kids in part for the completed one. Usually I stare at a puzzle for long periods of time with no action, like I have been hypnotized by it. Then Cynthia or Aaron walks over, looks for two seconds and places several pieces. I suppose it's like loosening the jar lid. I really did most of the work, then they earned the glory.

So if you have a few minutes today, place a couple of pieces on that puzzle in your basement that is gathering dust. Maybe fill in a few numbers on the daily Sudoku puzzle. Anything but Trivia Crack!