The weather could not have better. The course could have been flatter. Goldy's Run on Sunday was my first 10-mile run, and it was a great experience.

The morning was cool, but not cold as LaKlenza, Rachel, Dan and I got together outside TCF Bank Stadium to pump each other up for the run. Three of us had not run a 10-mile event before. We had each done various forms of training for the race. Though I use the term race loosely. In my mind that implies you are trying to beat someone. I prefer to call it a run. We all approached it from the standpoint of finishing strong with a personal record. A record is easy when you've never done it before.

So we scattered ourselves among the 2,500 runners in the 10-mile event at our respective pace groups and vowed to reconvene at the 50-yard line of The Bank at the end. Counting the 5K and Goldy's Gallup, about 8,000 runners took off around campus Sunday.

The race (run) is sponsored by St. Jude's Medical Foundation and benefits the University of Minnesota Masonic Children's Hospital. It's good to know your registration fee is going to a good cause. A good fundraiser is coming up in Owatonna on May 6. The annual From the Heart Run will benefit the local families of Nick Larson, Matt Ratzloff, Marcy Jo Fenske and Terri Grose who are battling cancer.

New Gophers football coach PJ Fleck gave us an elite send off and his players handed out finisher medals at the end, including Owatonna grad and defensive lineman Andrew Stelter. In between we traversed through campus and south along the Mississippi, crossed the river and ran north back to campus.

I felt it was a fairly hilly run, with the toughest of those at the end. I am proud to say I stayed in running form going up the hills, though my pace slowed down a bit. I also believe it is more difficult to run downhill than uphill. Not to say I look forward to going uphill. Just give me a flat course like the Steele County Free Fair's Strive Wellness Run.

My highlight had to be when my son, who is a student at the U, appeared on a curb toward the end of the run to give me a high five and cheer me on. It gave me a little adrenaline rush for a strong finish. I think each of us were pleased with our results and thank those who motivated us to keep going.

If I want to complain to anyone about sore muscles though, I am not going to call my daughter, who just ran a 17-mile trail at the Zumbrota Endurance Run over the weekend. Her friend ran the 50-mile course. And I know a guy who tackled the 100-mile, two-day course at Zumbro. All of a sudden my 10-mile effort feels like a walk in the park.

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    Row the Boat

    New Gophers football coach PJ Fleck gave the runners a motivational charge to start the race. I am just glad we didn't have to row a boat across the Mississippi River as part of the event.

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    Take Hills One Step at a Time

    The 10-mile course was marred by several extended uphill stretches. I just put my head down and focused on the next step.

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    Goldy's Run Benefits St. Jude's

    Goldy's Run raises money to support the work at the University Minnesota's Masonic Children's Hospital.

    Roy Koenig, Townsquare Media
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    Family Support

    I cheered my son on at a track meet years ago. He returned the favor Sunday.

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    Finishing is an Accomplishment

    It feels good to finish a challenging task.

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