Are you still playing Wordle? I 100% am! I play every morning. I think it's kind of fun and it's not a bad way to start the day. Apparently, other Minnesotans would agree and I guess we're good at it too. One Minnesota town is the best at Wordle in the country.

Minnesota as a whole isn't the best state at Wordle, we ranked 6th, tied with Vermont. According to the research done by Word Tips, the top five states, from fifth to first, are Alabama, South Dakota, New Hampshire, Delaware, and North Dakota.

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However, our claim to fame is that Minnesota is home to the capitol of Wordle! St. Paul is the best at Wordle out of all of the towns that were counted. They determined all of their rankings based on the average number of guesses it takes for residents to get the Wordle of the day correct. On average people in St. Paul get it correct in 3.51 guesses.

The cities that fall behind St. Paul in the top five include Malden, MA at number 5, Berkeley, CA, Ann Arbor, MI at number 3, Reading, PA, and then St. Paul coming in at number one.

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The way Word Tips determined the average number of guesses was by following the hashtag #wordle on Twitter and counting up people's guesses when they posted them on Twitter. So maybe that means people in St. Paul just like to brag about their Wordle score, but either way that still puts a Minnesota town at number one!

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