I was poking around on the web and noticed that November 8 is National Cappuccino Day. Never had one and probably never will. I've never had an iced coffee either. I drink few cups of black coffee each morning though. This got me to thinking that there are a number of things most folks have done or accomplished that I haven't. Let's take a look at a few and see if any of you can say the same.

How about this one? I've lived in Southern Minnesota for over a quarter century, yet I've never been to the Mall of America. I have no desire to do so and probably never will. I've seen a number of Twins, Brewers, Packers and Viking games but never have I attended an NBA or NHL game. In fact other than a couple Badger hockey games I've never been to a college game either. If given the chance I might consider an NBA game someday.

My daughter has 5 horses at our place. I've never ridden one. I took swimming lessons but never learned to swim. Looking back I lived in Southern Minnesota for 15 years before I ever set foot in Mankato, just 40 miles away. I've been back there a few times since, mainly for the Red Lobster.

Maybe it's in the genes? My late mother never rode a bike or learned how to swim. She was in her 40's when she got a driver's license.

Here's one for you. While I've ridden in a Model T, I've never ridden in a convertible.

But I have done a few things many of you haven't. I got on the front page of the Green Bay Press Gazette and on National TV when I high fived John Jefferson after scoring a Packer touchdown. I've worn a Santa suit many many times. Here's one thing I have done that I'll bet none of you have done. I've worn a pink tutu, pink tights and carried a wand while riding around in a flower van with a suicidal driver. Better explain. I was the new kid at a radio station so part of the gig was I had to play Cupid for a station Valentine promotion delivering flowers. Seniority ruled there. And the flower truck driver had some serious problems I believe.

A while back a number of you had posted on Facebook that you had never flown in a plane. Got anything that you've never done or experienced that might surprise someone?

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