The Dakota County Attorney's office has now charged Chris Endicott with burglary, which is connected to a 2015 incident.

Lakeville Principal placed on leave

He was arrested in Ottertail County last week after Apple Valley Police wanted to get him into custody. He was expected to be released to the custody of a family member, but one of the conditions of his release is that he be checked out at Regions Hospital, to make sure he is not a threat to himself or others.

This most recent charge occurred from something that happened back in November of 2015.  In that incident neighbors of Endicott called police after they found a basement window to their house was broken and opened. Two safes were pulled into a hallway and a couple of days later the residents reported that a white gold ring with a small diamond on it and a ring with keys to the house were missing.

Lakeville Principal Charged with Stalking

Endicott was charged on Feb. 8 of this year with stalking to follow, monitor and pursue. After a search of his home authorities found evidence that he was stalking an initial victim. He has been on leave from Century Middle School since January. A Lakeville Police officer assigned to the school has been using Endicott's office. The officer found evidence in a cabinet linking Endicott to more crimes.The ring was later identified by the Apple Valley neighbor.