I thought I'd throw out a few oldies and see if you might recall them. They ranged from Top 20 hits to even as high as number 1 but you just don't hear them much anywhere. Here we go.

The Addrisi had several hits including this top 20 from 1977.

Before the internet, if you wanted to hear a song you'd call the radio station. The calls for this were ridiculous in 1984. Rock'n Sidney sold over a million copies of this song worldwide. He took the royalties and bought a radio station.


Here's another one that caused the phones to ring off the hook. This actually went to number one in 1976.

This one is one of those from the deep deep archives. 4 Jacks and a Jill were from South Africa and broke the top 20 with this one in 1968.


Here's one for you. Recorded under an alias and it touched the top 30. The record said the Henhouse Five were the artists. It was actually funny man Ray Stevens.


And finally a group with several top 10 hits. This came later and hit number 20. Steppenwolf with Straight Shoot'n Woman. Remember it?

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