Put on another layer and line the parade route. Minnesota is No. 1 in a flawed, unscientific online ranking as the state with the most miserable winter. 

The Thrillist Travel website knocks our state for the cold, snow and mediocre sports teams. I know people who enjoy skiing, snowmobiling and ice fishing who need all those elements to have a good time. The same people will then bike, fish and enjoy the summer months as well.

True, sports titles are as rare as a palm tree, but the variety of sports offerings is strong and the plethora of high school sports during the winter can't be topped.

Respect for the weather is a vital survival skill with dangerous wind chills battering us now and slippery roads at other times creating the life-threatening risk of becoming stranded. But if Minnesotans can beat Mother Nature and make it to spring, there is reason to celebrate.

The Steele County Historical Society invites youth to their free Thursday programming on January 5, which focuses on winter on the prairie. Kids will learn how pioneer families survived winter. Children will also discuss preparing for a winter storm in the present day and visit the winter storm section of the Minnesota disaster exhibit on display in the History Center. Free children's programming is offered on the first Thursday of each month at 9AM for preschool age and 6:30PM for elementary students.

Roy Koenig/Townsquare Media

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