Perpetual Winter has its Benefits
As winter weather persists, I can think of a few positives. These benefits will be greatly outweighed by the emergence of warmer weather and melting snow in the next few days.
Four Reasons to Dread Spring in Minnesota
I am as happy for the warmer weather as anyone. But as the spring equinox occurs on Tuesday, I am also dreading several aspects of the beginning of spring. It seems appropriate that snow showers are forecast for Tuesday. The advent of spring hardly marks the end of winter weather in Minnesota. Major…
Dressing for the weather
I don't recall being that obstinate over bundling up in the cold weather, but, it seems as though I am seeing several children every day who are not dressed for the weather.
5 Ways To Beat the Summer Heat
Minnesota is often portrayed as being cold and snow-covered all year long. As residents of this great state, we know that is far from the truth. We are blessed to have beautiful transitions through the seasons and summer weather that entices us to get outdoors. But what if, on one of these warm summ…

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