Here in Minnesota, we're used to being near the top in many lists when it comes to the quality of life but this is one list we'd maybe NOT like to be on.

That's because it's the list of the top states in the nation when it comes to juvenile arrest rates. And we rank pretty high on that list here in the Land of 10,00 Lakes. In fact, we came in ranked fifth in the nation when it comes to states where teenagers are more likely to steal.

The team at Frontpoint analyzed juvenile larceny and robbery arrest statistics across the country to determine which states have the biggest problem with juvenile delinquency. And, yeah, here in Minnesota we're fifth on the list.

Juvenile arrests Minnesota

Maryland came in first on Frontpoint's survey, followed by Louisiana, Wisconsin, Florida and then us here in Minnesota. Our neighbors to the south down in Iowa were ranked 8th on the list this year. West Virginia had the lowest juvenile arrest rate and was ranked last on the survey.

But, without getting into too many statistics (because they make me all confused), I'm wondering, do both Minnesota and Wisconsin's high rankings on the list mean we have more teens who are getting into trouble... or do we have more police and law enforcement officers enforcing or concentrating on juveniles violating these laws?

The survey itself seems to ask that question too, noting, "No single conclusion can be made about a state or its residents based on juvenile delinquency rates. Arrest numbers depend on policing style, judiciary trends, and community expectations, to name just three factors," the article said.

So while it sounds a little ominous that we have the fifth-highest juvenile arrest rate in the country, maybe it's just that we're a little more cognizant of the issue than other states are, right?

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