So... I don't know how to say this... so I'm just gonna say it...

More snow is coming.

Mother Nature, why do you hate us?!

According to Star Tribune's meteorologist, Paul Douglas, there is the possibility of more snow coming on Saturday.

He says that it's possible for this to still change since we have a few days until the weekend but still, even the fact that there's a possibility of a substantial amount of snow is upsetting.

Friday should be ok for your work commute, just the possibility of rain throughout the day. But then Friday evening the temperatures look like they'll drop, the rain will freeze and eventually that gross white stuff will start falling from the sky on late Friday/Saturday.

Again, nothing is super certain right now, but Douglas says that it's safe to say that there's good chance that Central Minnesota will get 6-12 inches. As for Southern Minnesota, it looks like snow will still plow through but we probably won't get as much as the Twin Cities.

Thankfully, it looks like things will improve come Sunday.

Fun Fact from Douglas (ok it's not that fun of a fact): "The all-time April snowfall record for MSP is 21.8" set in 1983. At the rate we're going we may come close."

... yay.


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