Little Theatre of Owatonna has announced the cast for their production of "My Man Godfrey" which opens April 20 at the West Hills Auditorium. The play will run over two weekends. Find out ticket information here.

David DeNeui will hold down the role of Godfrey. Bill Wood and Lisa Biwer will be Mr. and Mrs. Bullock. Amber Boettcher will portray Cornelia. Other roles include Amber Boettcher as Cornelia, Sarah Esch as Irene, Sharon Gearin as Molly and Jon Esch as Carlo. The LTO website describes the setting of the play as being during the Great Depression and that Godfrey, "is rescued from his packing-crate home by ditzy socialite Irene Bullock during the course of a scavenger hunt. Irene offers Godfrey a job as butler to the banking family of Bullocks." Irene and a maid both fall in love with Godfrey, who eventually recovers his own personal finances and gives the Bullocks jobs when they go broke.

Other performers include Tim Fitzgerald, Zackery Knapton, Darren Schaufenbuel, Mark Zollner, Ron Hager, Aaron Thevenot, Dianne Suarez, Peter Johnson, Lilly Zollner and Jeffery Jackson. The technical director is Mary Butler Fraser, while Jon Terrill is the artistic director.

Dates for the performance include April 20, 21, 27 and 28 at 7PM with matinee shows at 2PM on April 22 and 29.


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