I know, I know, many people don't make resolutions. Well, actually, their resolution is to not make any. Really, I guess you don't have to wait until the new year to make resolutions. They could begin anytime.

Well, I'm one of those silly individuals that does make resolutions. I tend to make five or six of them, so I write them down. It's easier that way to remember them all. I've read over and over to have resolutions stick, to actually make them a little more specific, not something generic like "I'm going to lose weight." Instead to be more specific: "I will add more fruits and vegetables to all meals."

I also make resolutions that are a little different, something out of the ordinary. Something along the lines of "Think of three positive out of the ordinary things that happened today." Now granted I didn't do that every night but when I remembered.

Sometimes they become habit. Don't worry, if a day or week is missed, just pick it up again.

I even made a resolutions for kitty cat George. He didn't know it though because he is such a good cat. The one resolution he had: Go in the carrier with little fight. It worked. He did have some help from me. I should make another one for him: Getting my nails clipped is not a bad thing. He truly hates that.

Just think about it, if resolutions are a little more specific, they will be easier to handle and maybe follow through.

If you want to "Be organized for 2016." Instead "Clean out the junk drawers" (you know there is more than one) or "Clean out the closet by donating anything you haven't worn in a year."

Remember to have a designated driver if you go out. Don't Drink and Drive also Don't Text and Drive.

Happy New Year!!  Have fun tonight, "Everybody Wang Chung tonight."

The sun is shining above ... Think Happy Thoughts.