The Minnesota Twins open their 2019 campaign this Thursday with a home game against the Cleveland Indians. Follow the Twins all season long on AM1390. Thursday's broadcast begins with the pre game at 2:30pm.

Now let's try some former Twins trivia.

1. This  Twin holds the record with a few other pitchers with 4 wild pitches in one inning. Among the others to do this are Hall of Famers Walter Johnson and Phil Niekro.

2. This Twin was born in a box car.

3. This Twin was discovered by a U.S. Senator

4. This Twin picked up extra income by traveling around with sexily dressed ladies and singing at various venues. He even got on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.

5. This Twin tied a record by hitting two inside the park home runs in one game.

Here's the answers:

1. Knuckleballer R A Dickey only pitched one season with the Twins but he threw 4 wild pitches in one inning.

2. Rod Carew was born in a box car. The doctor who helped deliver him was named Rodney and that's where Rod got his name.

3. Herman Welker a U.S. Senator from Idaho tipped off Clark Griffin about this young baseball player by the name of Harmon Killebrew.

4. Mudcat Grant and his Kittens had a musical act that they took not only to various U.S. sites but also to Europe.

5. Greg Gagne co-holds the record for hitting 2 inside the park home runs in one game.

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