Next week will be the first Fall Downtown Business District Clean-up Day. Meet Thursday, September 20 at 5PM in the green space downtown. Volunteers are needed to sweep,rake and bag up litter downtown. Call the Chamber at (507)-451-7970 to let them know you're planning to help. That way they have a feel for how many rakes, garbage bags etc that will be needed for the clean-up. Bring your own gloves. If per chance you don't call ahead you can still show up Thursday night but bring your own rake.

The group is hoping to make this an annual tradition and even add a summer clean-up in July. For around the last decade the students from the Alternative Learning Center have taken headed up the Spring Clean-up.

Monetary donations are also welcome, just call the Chamber. The rain date is the following Thursday, September 27.

There was a minor incident yesterday in the Faribault School parking lot. Read more here

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