A number of Faribault Police Department vehicles were seen pulling into the Faribault High School Parking lot this morning.  A listener informed us and I went there to see what was happening.  There were still a few police vehicles there when I arrived, but the lights were no longer activated.  I approached one of the officers and asked if I could go inside the school.  He said, "Sure."  I then said I assumed that meant the officers weren't responding to a bomb threat and he replied, "No" and directed me to a group of officers visiting with Superintendent Todd Sesker.

Superintendent Sesker was being briefed by the officers about what happened.  Apparently, a student got upset and tried to assault one of the officers doing security in the parking lot.  The officer called for backup and that's why a number of police vehicles arrived at the high school.

The Faribault Public School Superintendent said the student was arrested and that was the extent of the disturbance.  Sesker said, "It all happened outside the school in the parking lot area.  Police did a great job arriving just a few minutes after the call so it turned out to be nothing major"

Faribault Police Vehicles in FHS Parking Lot. Photo by Gordy Kosfeld