The firefighters in Kellogg have been really really busy lately.

Kellogg is a small town in Southeast Minnesota with approximately 456 residents. The town has a volunteer fire department. Six of their volunteer firefighters had seven babies over a five month period.

Brielle VanLoon was the first baby. She is the daughter of Benjamin and Kari VanLoon  and was born on 2-9-2017.

Then came twins! Theodore and Izabell McDonough were born on 2-20-2017. Their proud parents are Tim and Tasha McDonough.

Samuel Schmitz came a couple days later on 2-22-2017. He's the son of Allen and Kim Schmitz.

Hailey Tentis, daughter of Seth and Tara Tentis was born on 4-25-2017.

Millie Riester came in June. She was born on 6-16-2017 and is the daughter of Anthony and Jessica Riester.

And last (for now) but not least Harper Hermann. Harper was born on 7/13/2017, she is the daughter of Tim and Jada Hermann.

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