For some it's a sighting of a robin or a Harley Davidson, but for others, it's garage sales that signal the beginning of spring.

Blooming Prairie has their city-wide garage sale this Saturday, May 18 from 8-12pm. Watch for the signs. Waseca has theirs this Friday, May 17 from 3:30-8pm and on Saturday, May 18 from 7-12pm. There will also be a special large garage sale at the Waseca County Fairgrounds. This one will serve as a fund raiser for 4-H.

There was a time I was big into garage sales but my interest has dwindled a bit. Got any big scores or deals or maybe big mistakes you've made at a garage sale? I think that perhaps one of my best buys was a VHS tape rewinder that looks like a Corvette. I got it for a buck years and years ago and haven't seen once since. My biggest mistake came in Blooming Prairie about twenty years ago. A well known antiquer had a sale and I was just starting out collecting antique electric fans. I spotted a brass bladed one and bought it thinking I had scored big. However I learned that there are certain brass blades that are very common and very durable. What I paid for it was what it was probably worth. Along with that fan there was a little deco heater fan. Nothing great but I think I paid five bucks for it and later sold it to another collector for seven bucks. Since then I've learned from other collectors only one other of its type has been found. It was stamped "Emerson Brantingham" which was a farm equipment manufacturer that later evolved in the J I Case family. What's it really worth, I haven't a clue. But I'm sure it's worth more than seven bucks. Rummage saling can be educational too I guess.

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