Tattoos have become extremely popular! Whether it's a random flower, your wedding date, or Chineses symbols that weren't translated correctly, a lot of people have tattoos. But what about a tattoo of your company's logo?

Apparently, anywhere between 3,000 and 4,000 Anytime Fitness employees have the little running man logo tattooed on their body. THOUSANDS of people have this tattoo! That is some commitment right there.

You can check out a picture of the tattoo HERE.

The co-founders of the Minnesota-based company got the tattoos first and from there other employees decided they wanted to hop on board and show their dedication to the brand too.

Read about one employee's decision to get the running man tattoo HERE.

Last I checked, no one at Townsquare has the Townsquare logo tattooed on their body. Someone needs to get on that!




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