Early Monday afternoon the new look for our Minnesota driver's licenses was announced. No more Gayle Elizabeth Sample. Say hello to Avery Joseph Sample, the new face of our Minnesota IDs!

The ID definitely looks different, and here are a few highlights:

There are vertical and horizontal IDs. The vertical ones are for those that are under 21.

There will be different coloured banners for people with "instruction permits, commercial driver’s licenses and other card types."

There is a more intricate background to make this ID harder to duplicate.

These are NOT REAL IDs, those you can apply for starting October of this year. This means that you can still use your regular Minnesota Driver's License until October 1st, 2020 to board planes. If this lost you, check out this blog about REAL IDs.

These new Minnesota Driver's Licenses will be available starting August 6th, but you do not need to get a new ID until your current one expires, you change your name, or you move.

Check out more information about the new Minnesota Driver's License and pictures HERE or HERE!




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