Xcel Energy reminds folks that using LED lights versus incandescent bulbs can lead to savings. As a comparison, customers using a strand of 100 Light-emitting diode or LED bulbs for 5 hours a day will save more than 60 cents a month per strand compared to incandescent bulbs.  A string of 25 LED standard C7 lights used for 5 hours will save more than $2.25 per month and a strand of 25 LED standard C9 bulbs will save more than $3 a month.

Most holiday decorators use numerous strands of lights so here's a look at another example of savings using LED lights. These numbers are based on 15 strands used for 5 hours a day for 2 months. LED mini-lights work out to a savings of more than $18. LED standard C7 bulbs will save almost $69 and LED C9 lights will save around $97 over incandescent bulbs. And of course add in a number of years doing this and the savings start to really add up.

You can see the savings add up if you're big time into Christmas decorating.

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