I consider myself a proud Minnesotan, but the truth is, despite a few decades of residency, I am not originally from this great state. At this point, having lived more years in the state than elsewhere, I think it's fair to call Minnesota my home state, but when I came across a quiz that would determine just how Minnesotan I am, I couldn't resist taking it, and now you can too! 

Although I don't ski or partake in ice fishing, I've enjoyed other cold weather activities such as snow shoeing, sledding and my fair share of snow emergencies. I've come to expect a late spring snowfall or two, and love that there are so many wonderful lakes nearby to enjoy on a summer day. I've used the term "uff da," correctly pronounce town names and know that the University of Minnesota bred the delicious Honeycrisp apple, so I assumed that surely I would do well. I did OK, but I did not score as high as I might have liked. I got many things correct. I did not however, know the state muffin, nor do I harbor a deep, inexplicable dislike for any of our neighbor states, which lost me points. And although I have played "Duck, duck, gray duck" and could have checked yes to that, I was taught the game the correct way -- "Duck, duck, goose."

How well do you think you will do? Take the quiz and find out!

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