Summer is here, and I love summer. I love more daylight, outdoor patios, music in the parks, floating down the river, long bike rides, being warm, bonfires, strolling festivals and basically everything else that summer encompasses! I even love the look of a tan. But this video gives a whole new insight to exactly what the golden tan looks like.

It’s not like I am spending my days in a tanning bed, so I used to give myself a free pass on catching a few rays on a sunny day. But recently, I’ve decided that as much as I love having a tan, the health risks simply are not worth it. So this summer, I'm making a strong effort to wear a little SPF, especially when I know I’ll be outside a lot. I’m not perfect, and I'm likely to forget a few times, but I’m making the effort to protect myself.

I recently came across this video, and it reaffirmed my new goal to wear sunblock. Just because you can’t see the damage yet, doesn’t mean you don’t have any. It's just the start of summer plenty of sunny days left, and it’s never to late to start putting on some sunblock!

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