Fund raising efforts have been quite successful so far for the Miracle Field and Inclusive Playground which is planned for Owatonna. Coming up during Owatonna's Winter Weekend Out which is January 25-27 will a fun fundraiser for the park. An Icicle Dive will take place at Lake Kohlmier on Saturday, January 26 at 11AM. Though it's around a month away, participants are encouraged to start signing up now.  You may do so at the Owatonna Parks and Recreation web site. You may also call 507-774-7110 or register in person at their offices.Line up sponsors or contributors and be all set to take the big jump in January.

The Miracle Field and Inclusive Playground will be built at Manthey Park.It'll be a fun place for all kids to play. It will feature a specially cushioned field to help cut back on any injuries should a young person fall. It will also be set up so wheelchairs are easier to manipulate. The park is planning to also feature activities and equipment where children use just their sense of touch instead of seeing and doing.

There are currently just a couple parks within driving distance of Owatonna. A park where children with a wide array of disabilities will be able to play should prove to be a drawing card for the city. Get set to take the dive on January 26.

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