With the increasing problem of gypsy moths and the emerald ash borer progressing further into Minnesota, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has instituted new firewood rules this year. These rules apply to campers and visitors who plan to build campfires in state parks, state forests or public lands managed by the DNR.

In a press release it states that under the new rules, firewood approved for use on DNR-managed lands includes:

Firewood sold at the specific Minnesota state park or recreation area where it will be used.

Non-ash firewood that was purchased from a vendor and harvested in the same Minnesota county as the DNR united where it will be used.

For firewood that was purchased from a vendor, harvested in Minnesota and certified to be pest free by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture or the USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service.

Check your purchased firewood for a bundle label indicating the county of harvest. Save the receipt as it may be needed if you are questioned by a DNR staff member. Those who bring in non-approved firewood onto DNR lands are subject to a $100 fine.

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