The Randolph FFA will be holding their corn drive for Camp Courage today. This is where FFA members go on predetermined routes throughout the school district and ask farmers to donate some corn for Camp Courage. Many times a farmer will unload corn from his combine into the FFA member's truck. It also occurs where some corn was spilled on the ground and FFA members shovel it into their truck. When the trucks are full, they take them to the elevator, sell it and donate the money to Camp Courage.

Camp Courage is a camp in west-central Minnesota for kids with special needs. It has been adopted by the Minnesota FFA. Just about every FFA chapter in southern Minnesota participates in the corn drive for Camp Courage. The corn drive for Camp Courage has been going on for a long time. In fact, back when I was an FFA member in the early '70s, we were holding a corn drive for Camp Courage. Over the decades, millions of dollars have been donated to Camp Courage by FFA chapters in Minnesota!

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