A 35-year-old man is still behind bars, as of today, after fleeing police last Thursday after police tried to pull him over for displaying expired tabs on a vehicle. None other than Faribault's Chief of Police made the arrest after finding the suspect hiding near a church after fleeing the vehicle after it crashed into a parked car.

According to the Faribault Police Department's weekly newsletter, Just the Facts, On Thursday, August 12th, Officer Michael Shuda observed a vehicle displaying expired registration stickers. He verified the registration was indeed expired but noted one of the plates displayed a 2022 sticker. 35-year-old Dean Drager Jr. was taken into custody without incident after being found near a church.

As Officer Shude was waiting for some backup that was en route, he attempted to stop the driver of the vehicle, which according to the newsletter, "paused" then "quickly accelerated away."

During the pursuit, the driver of the vehicle failed to stop for stop signs, while traveling 50 miles an hour.

Faribault police state that the vehicle was located a short distance from where the pursuit began, as it had been driven into a parked vehicle with the "doors open." A short time later, Chief Bohlen discovered a man who matched the description of the driver hiding next to a church.

A search of the vehicle turned but more than 5.5 grams of suspected methamphetamine. Drager at the time of his apprehension also had a De­partment of Corrections arrest warrant, which he was also arrested for.

Drager Jr. has been charged with 5th-degree Controlled Substances, Fleeing in a Motor Vehicle, and Fail to Notify Owner of a Collision.

If there is a sasquatch hiding in a forest in the Faribault area, they've now just been put on notice, as we know that Chief Bohlen will find you if you try to hide in Faribault.

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