A month ago we learned about all of the new foods that will be available at this year's Minnesota State Fair and my mouth has been watering every since. I'm excited to try the cheesy sriracha funnel cake bites!  You can see all of the new foods here. And, earlier this week we learned about the new attractions including an Angry Birds exhibit which looks really cool. Check it and the other attractions out here.

The Great Minnesota Get Together opens on August 22nd and runs through Labor Day.

Did you know that in that time:

1.) They'll sell a lot of hotdogs - Over 35-miles of hot dogs are consumed at the Fair.

2.) They'll serve a lot of milk - Roughly 25-thousand-gallons of milk will be served at the Fair!

3) And visitors will go through a lot of TP - Approximately 22,000 rolls of toilet paper will be used up during the Fair!

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