If your memory is better than some, you may recall an August post announcing a limited-edition Wheaties beer was coming to select Minnesota markets, namely the Twin Cities.

Through some dogged determination and many likely annoying phone calls, we were able to score two cans of this hefeweisen (wheat beer) created by Minneapolis' Fulton Brewery in partnership with General Mills. Yes, it was such a limited run that they sold it by the can.

Jim, manager at Apple Valley Liquor, also recommended comparing the Wheaties beer to a real German hefeweissbier from a brewery that has been in operation since the year 1040.

So we gathered KDHL's John Anderson, Power 96's Mike Eiler, and KRFO/Kat Kountry 105's Brad Fischer and Roy Koenig to have them sample both beers and tell us what they think. Watch our video to learn whether Fulton Brewery created a masterpiece or whether a 1,500-year-old brewery knows what it's doing.