Drift back to your first job or maybe even your second and third. How much did you really know about it? My first job was as a stock boy. I figured the job consisted of hauling out stuff from the back and putting it on the shelf. And it was. However it also included pricing the items, unloading trucks, dumping trash, straining restaurant grease and running the cigarette counter.

For a while now the Owatonna Work Force Development has been in place. The primary function being to give high schoolers a chance to witness first hand what certain jobs are like and what they entail.

Here's a few things I learned from Brad Meier of the Chamber this morning on AM 1390s Talk of the Town. First off you don't have to be high school student. The work force development will help those up to the age of 24.If you or your child started college but didn't finish, they're welcome to take part in the work force development to learn about different careers . Secondly, it doesn't have to be when high school is in session. You can inquire during summer. Thirdly it isn't just for possible employment in major Owatonna manufacturers. If you're curious to learn what it's like to work for a small concern suc as perhaps a plumber, dry waller, grocery store etc. The Owatonna Work Force is ready to help.

Work Force Development offers a person an opportunity to witness first hand how a certain job or career works. Learn the basics and maybe other parts that are required to do the job properly.

To find out more, contact Anisha Zak at the Owatonna Area Chamber of Commerce at (507)-451-7970

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