The Harris Peterson I'm asking about was a Harris M. Peterson of Blooming Prairie. I realize there was a Harris D. Peterson who was an implement dealer but I'm curious about the one with M as a middle initial. The reason?

Well, the end of this month marks the 50th anniversary of Harris being granted a patent for something that probably everyone of us has in our home or at least somewhere. Here is the patent. A child safety cap for medicine bottles. How close did this guy come to inventing something that so many countries have made mandatory?

A Dr. Henri Breault of Ontario is credited with inventing the first practical safety cap. He did so in 1967. Interesting to note Harris filed for his patent in April of 1967. He must have been so close. However I realize having a patent is no guarantee it is the best idea or variation but one can wonder.

I wish I could offer more on this man and his invention but as of now I can't. I did locate a Harris  Peterson of Blooming who died in 1979. Perhaps he is the one. Any old timers remember this man? I'd be curious to find out more.

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