The Minnesota Department of Transportation reports Minnesota firearms hunters registered 161,057 deer through the third weekend of the deer season. This represents an increase of 16% compared to last year. 53% of the deer harvested so far this season are bucks compared to 63% last season.

The DNR is now projecting the total deer to be taken this season at around 200,000 which would compare with 173,213 harvested in 2016.

Areas of the state vary in terms of deer taken. The northeastern part of Minnesota was up 36 percent while in southeastern Minnesota is was actually down 5%.

While most of the deer season is over the late southeast deer season opens on Sunday and muzzleloading season begins through Saturday.

By the way, did you hear about the kindergartner who shot a deer in Wisconsin? A new law starting this season eliminates the minimum age. You can read more about the little girl's feat here

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