Many were interested and awaiting Governor Mark Dayton's decision in regards to the bonding bill for state public works projects. A lot of folks felt he would sign it but there was the potential for line item vetoes.This morning the Governor signed the bill with just one line item veto and that concerned wild rice legislation.

As we heard from State Representative John Petersburg this morning on AM 1390's Talk of the Town, Southern Minnesota residents were quite focused on the Corridors of Commerce program which included funds for the completion of Highway 14 between Dodge Center and Owatonna. The sum of 400 million dollars for the program begins in 2022.

Other noteworthy items in the bonding bill includes 129 million dollars for state colleges and universities. Money for new veterans homes including one in Preston along with 8 million to the National Eagle Center in Wabasha. The bonding bill also includes  25 million dollars for school safety grants.

In all the bill totals almost $1.5 billion in public construction across Minnesota.


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