We Minnesotans pride ourselves on our toughness. Some wear shorts year-round. I don't wear a coat until it reaches 10-below zero. We brag about the winter storms and how we handle them. But we've got nothing on the people who live in a hurricane zone.

I have heard about the thousands of people in Irma's path who are "hunkering down" or "riding out the storm." They know what's coming. Wind at 180 miles-per-hour, torrential rain, tornadoes and  flooding. I have recently heard about the storm surge, which I guess, means the hurricane sucks up the ocean water and puts in your front yard.

Yet some people stay put, and others who evacuate, will probably head back and rebuild. Parts of Houston just received 50 inches of rain from Harvey. What's that equal, 500 inches of snow? My daughter's boyfriend is from the Houston area. The main floor of their home flooded. Right after the water receded, they began doing repairs.

In Minnesota, when a blizzard comes we stay home.

That's it. No need to board up the windows. No run on gasoline. Maybe pick up an extra pizza and some milk. No real need to stock up on supplies because the stores will open up again the next day and might even have a blizzard sale.

Someone has started naming winter storms, but it just feels like a lame attempt to make them seem bigger than they are. Don't get me wrong. Blizzards can be life-threatening if you are on the road or need to tend to animals on the farm or work outside. But in general, all is well if you stay home.

Entertainment Weekly reports that most major networks will air a telethon fundraiser Tuesday September 12 featuring celebrities and victims of Hurricane Irma. I hope you can watch and donate.

This coming winter when Blizzard Billy is bearing down on us with 10-12 inches of snow and 60 mile per hour winds, I'll watch for Al Roker and the NBC satellite truck, but will probably be disappointed.


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