Usually when you buy a new car, they have your record of ownership and if any recalls come out they are usually pretty good about getting ahold of you to tell you about the recall so you can get the vehicle in and get it fixed. But when that vehicle becomes a used vehicle and transfers ownership a few times, sometimes you can be missed when recalls are issued. There is a way you can check to see if your vehicle has a recall.

I did this for my vehicle, because I was not sure. Go to Follow the instructions to enter in your vehicle's VIN, Vehicle Identification Number. The VIN can be found on your title or license registration, or can be found up in the left-hand corner of the dashboard on most vehicles. There is even a video on the website to help you find the VIN.

Once you have the number, you can check to see if you have any recalls. By the way, mine had one recall listed as repaired and it's possible that the air bag needs to be replaced yet as part of the big recall involving those. I have to do some more investigation into that.

Milenko Bokan/ThinkStock

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