The Steele County American Dairy Association presents Breakfast on the Farm this Saturday, June 9 at the Rick Balzer farm. The $5 breakfast will be served 8-12PM. The first shuttle bus leaves the Steele County Fairgrounds at 7:45AM with the final one departing at 11:30AM.

Barn tours, a petting zoo and more will be offered. Something that possibly a lot of people haven't  witnessed before is robotic milking. It's just what it sounds like, cows milked by robots. When the cow is hungry it enters a stall where with the help of a laser to locate the teats the milker attaches itself and then proceeds to milk the cow. The floor the cow stands on is a scale which records the cow's weight each time she is milked.

The fans speed up and slow down based on the temperature. The Balzer's farm 500 acres and raise soybeans, alfalfa, corn and oats.

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