Earlier today, I lost a friend, a confidant, a mentor. It's hard to figure out what to say and to deal with the emotions that come around thinking about it. One of the best sports voices I have had the privilege of knowing and hearing was silenced today.

Mike Morrissey passed away at age 75. Gordy Kosfeld will be writing about some of the history and other things about Mike. After all, Gordy has known him much longer. Nine years ago I came to KDHL and one of the first games I worked the board for was one of his. He was fun to talk to. He used to call me for just random things. Just to chat, catch up.

I was glad I got to see him one last time on Saturday. Lately he always called me John Boy. I started calling him Mike Boy. Saturday they got him to open his eyes, I said hi Mike Boy. It's John Boy. I heard him say hey John boy, then he went back to sleep.

Thanks for the advice, the encouragement and for just being you. RIP my friend. God must have needed another play-by-play guy, and he needed one of the best. Someday when I get there, I'd love to be your color guy again.

John Millea Photo
John Millea Photo

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