Did you ever go to the Minnesota Zoo when they had dolphins and the dolphin show? I grew up in the Twin Cities area so we went to the Minnesota Zoo about once a year and I always loved seeing the dolphins. Unfortunately, the zoo got rid of their dolphins. But now dolphins are back at the zoo!

Dolphins Back at the Minnesota Zoo

If you haven't been to the Minnesota Zoo, when you enter the area where they have all of the sea life, there's a big wall of glass that gives you a peek into where the dolphins stay. So I remember, as a kid, sitting and watching the dolphins swim by, and whenever we were able to see one of the dolphin shows that was the best thing ever.

Dolphin swimming in water

While it's super exciting that dolphins are back, don't wait to go see them because they're only here temporarily.

Where Did These Dolphins Come From?

These 7 dolphins are at the Minnesota Zoo temporarily because their actual home is currently being renovated. These dolphins are from the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago and they needed a place to go while the habitat gets worked on. So to Minnesota they went, and I'm sure many kids are very happy that they're here!

It sounds like these dolphins just arrived this week. The Minnesota Zoo says that they'll need time to get used to their new environment. Once they're more adjusted you'll probably see them more.

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Dolphin Shows Will Also be Back!

Another thing that will happen once the dolphins are adjusted is they'll begin training demonstrations that people can stop by to watch.

I didn't see anything about how long the dolphins will be here but I'd guess a few months since I can't imagine renovating a dolphin habitat would be a quick thing.

Meet the Dolphins

The Minnesota Zoo also shared some information about the 7 dolphins staying there.

Allison, born in 2005, is the youngest and known as a playful member of the group

Allie, born in 1987, lived at the Minnesota Zoo from 2008-2012; she spends a lot of time with Tapeko

Kai, born in 1994, is the second male in the group

Lucky, born in 1974, is the oldest of the group and father of Noelani

Noelani, born in 2003, is sister to Allison and is known for her tail-splash and close relationship with her sister and Spree

Spree, born in 2002 at the Minnesota Zoo, is known for being very connected with the entire group, especially Noelani

Tapeko, born in 1982, is the mother of Noelani and Allison

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