Since Minnesota has seen colder temps, and we know there is ice out on the lakes in Northern Minnesota, a bunch of us Central Minnesotans have started to get the itch to head out and drop in a line. I was scrolling through Instagram the other day and ran across this Reel from the Sportsman's Journal TV, and I had to watch it twice to figure out where the 2nd fish came from! Could this have been filmed in Northern Minnesota right before Thanksgiving?


The video from Sportsman Journal TV on Instagram shows a guy ice fishing with someone filming the catch. You can see at the beginning, really quickly a bluegill get pulled up through the hole, and then almost instantly after a northern pike flops out of the hole in pursuit of the bluegill dinner.

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The angler doesn't panic, in fact, it almost seems staged right, he simply wrangles the northern and shows it off for the camera and then picks up his already hooked bluegill to show off his amazing twofer.

This is stuff you only hear about, and if it weren't for the video I would have had a hard time believing it if it was a friend telling me.

I'm a pics or it didn't happen kind of guy, and this guy fortunately has the pics and video to back up his amazing fishing tale.

Now I'm still curious as to where this happened, if you know shoot us a message on our free app!

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