Pretty sure everyone has had the parent or know someone who has said;

Back when I was a kid we would walk through the snow, up hills, both ways, bare foot!

or some version like it. I can't count how many times I have heard that. It was just one of those eye rolling things you would hear to explain how good you have it now, compared to back then. I get it, life is easier now compared to back then. However, the cold in Minnesota is something that is ALWAYS consistent. How cold? So cold...and then fill in the blank with the many jokes out there.

As a matter of fact, there are several ways to describe the cold winter weather in Minnesota and it made me laugh many times over after I saw some one on reddit share a few of the sayings they know, but also ask others to share more so they could expand their saying knowledge or as they say:

Boy did that open up a can of worms (yes expression done on purpose)! I have learned so many more sayings than I thought I would. Here are a few new ones to me.

  • Fisherman's favorite: We're making good ice out there! -jvtrain


  • I could dial a rotary phone with my nipples. -Hopper13

Which is new to me but similar to one I feel many of us have said or heard before, "It's so cold, my nipples could cut glass".

This expression was just cute:

This one made me go hmmmm:

I appreciate that No_Revolutions_7366 has a system that goes as such:

  • 10-20 degrees = butt cold 1-10 degrees = ass cold Anything colder = F***-ass cold

While leezy7 shared,

  • I've added "soul sucking wind" to my vocabulary this week

And one other new one to me that made me laugh, because is this even a thing?

  • Colder than penguin snot. -Nadmania

So I ask again, how many funny sayings can be used to describe Minnesota cold weather? Answer: MANY and apparently way more than I could have imagined! I could probably keep going, but really go read the comments on reddit and begin expanding your cold Minnesota weather vocabulary and hey if you have one you don't see and want to share, please send me a message in our app, I'd "laugh" to read it!

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