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We've all heard many times how winter driving in Minnesota requires you to slow down, but these videos PROVE how treacherous driving in the winter can be if you're going too fast.

If you've lived in the Land of 10,000 (Snow-and-Ice-Covered) Lakes for any length of time, you know how to drive in the cold, snow, and ice, right? Those winter conditions require you to slow down, increase your stopping distance, and be extra aware. Not everyone heeds those warnings, though. as the Twitter page MN Safety points out.

MN Safety describes its page as 'Volunteers promoting traffic safety & 1st Responders. Not an official source. Videos + Education + Data = We all can be a little safer.'

Indeed. We all *could* be a little safer. Like the second driver in this video, which took place in the Twin Cities on Friday, Dec. 2nd. Obviously, the second driver didn't realize the intersection was as slippery as it actually was. Check it out:

However, the snowfall Minnesota received earlier this week is just the tip of the iceberg for producing some cringe-inducing winter driving videos. For instance, on the MN Safety YouTube page, there's THIS video from January 2022 which shows how quickly vehicles can get out of control when going too fast for wintery conditions!

And then there's THIS compilation video from a snowstorm in Minnesota in February 2022, in which, as the title says, there were nearly 400 crashes reported across the state. That's roughly the same amount that happened during our most recent snowfall event on Tuesday, November 29, 2022.

Check out the video below-- and keep scrolling to see what officials say you should keep in your car while driving in the winter here in Minnesota!

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