Organizing and presenting the best county fair in Minnesota takes manpower. Lots of it and that includes volunteers to make it work. Here's a list of 5 volunteer opportunities you might want to check out:

1. The Muckle Museum is in need of folks who would be able to man the museum during the fair. It should be a busy place as the fair is observing its 100th anniversary at its present location.

2. Volunteers are needed for a 9:30-10:30AM shift each day of the fair to deliver the news letter to venders. It'll be your chance to meet and chat with lots of people.

3. Help is needed with parking during the fair.

4. There are still some gaps to be filled as far as playing fair mascots Stella and Steely during the fair.

5. This isn't a volunteer position. Numerous food and commercial vendors are looking for hire help during the fair.

For all of the above just stop by the Steele County Free Fair office to learn more.

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