First and foremost, Blooming Prairie will observe their second National Night Out on a weekend in hopes of garnering more participants. While this event is usually observed in early August, Blooming Prairie will conduct theirs on Saturday, July 28 starting at 5PM in Central Park.

Secondly there will be a band appearing at this year's event. Boiling Point will take the stage at 7PM that evening. Popular activities such as taser demonstrations, an outdoor movie along with emergency vehicle tours, food and super heroes will be included as well.

Thirdly, the reason we're letting you know this far in advance is because the Blooming Prairie Police Department is inviting businesses and organizations to be a part of the event with a booth and or table at the event. It's free of charge.If you wish to include a game or activity to go along with your setup feel free to do so.

Contact Chief Skillestad or Officer Peach if you'd like to be a part of Blooming Prairie's National Night Out. Call them at (507)-583-7885.

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