I think God gave us politicians and weather so we'd have something to talk about. Maybe I should say complain about. Our weather service Weatherology.com mentions a chance of rain today and then here it comes, sunshine and lots of it. Low 80's for highs, light winds and either mostly sunny or sunny right through the weekend. That's 5 days in a row. Think about it. How many times have you seen such a long stretch of nice weather. Usually there's a day somewhere in a stretch like that where it's increasing clouds or mostly cloudy.

I checked out a couple other forecasts for Owatonna and I found one claiming sunny or mostly sunny skies through August 18 with just one bump in the road and that was a chance of rain on August 15. It seems like Wednesday is usually the day for rain at the Steele County Free Fair.

I checked another weather forecast site and this one is calling for mostly sunny or sunny skies through August 24 with just that mention of rain on August 15.

I realize weather can change and forecasters can be wrong, but for now we might be getting lined up for one of the nicest Augusts in years. Cross your fingers.

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