The Owatonna Parks and Recreation Passport Program begins Friday, September 6. You start by downloading the free passport. Then head out to the parks. Each park will have a small sign mounted to a post along the trail. Write the word down on your passport and turn it into Parks and Rec by October 14 for a chance to win prizes.

The signs will be up for an entire month at the following parks:

Mineral Springs Park

Leo Rudolph Nature Reserve

Dartts Park

Buxton Trail

North Straight River Parkway

Kaplan's Woods Trail

18th Street Trail

Manthey Park

Muckle Trail

Kaplan's Woods Parkway

Prizes this year include a $500 gift card to Cabela's along with a Brooktree Golf Club membership, a bike package from Straight River Sports and passes to River Springs Water Park.

You'll also feel better after taking part as if you walk all 10 parks you'll have 11 miles of trail walking.

There's Husky football and volleyball along with Panther football this week. Download the free app and follow along.


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