I didn't know this, and maybe I'm the only person that didn't know this existed, but I guess car thieves have the ability to amplify your car fob signal and use it to get in your car!

Who knew?! Not me, that's for sure!

So if your car fob is sitting on your counter, in your purse, or in your pocket, these car thieves can use a device to get into your car and steal what they want. But there is a way to prevent this!

Wrap your car fob in foil! Yep, it's that easy. Take it from retired FBI agent, Holly Hubert, who recently talked about this with Kare 11: "'Although it's not ideal, it is the most inexpensive way.'"

Moshe Shlisel, CEO of GuardKnox Cyber Technologies, told Kare 11 that if you're at home, the best protection is wrapping the fob in foil and putting it in a tin can. If you're out and about, having it wrapped in foil and in your purse or pocket does the trick.

How do you feel about wrapping your car fob in foil? Is it worth the hassle?


Source: Kare 11


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