There is an urgent need for blood right now. In the summertime when people are out doing more activities, or are away from home.

But the need is always there.

Health experts said about 7 percent of Americans donate regularly. Now, patients need those that donate occasionally to step up. Quam said all blood types are needed. One blood donation can help save at least three lives.

Your red cells are used for surgeries, your platelets and plasma are used for cancer patients and burn centers also get it.

Blood centers are open Monday through Saturday. It's easy to donate. Just be in good health and not taking any antibiotics for at least 24 hours.

You must also be 17 years old or older. Those 16 years old and younger can donate with permission from a parent or guardian.

Some Faribault donation sites coming up.

Monday July 9, Church of St. Patrick, Shieldsville, Noon to 6 pm
Friday July 20, Trinity Lutheran Faribault, 1-7 pm
July 31 FBO Eagles Club, 1-7 pm

Wavebreakmedia Ltd / ThinkStock
Wavebreakmedia Ltd / ThinkStock


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