This could be the year Minnesota Viking Kyle Rudolph won't be wearing purple.

In the past few years, there have been rumors that Vikings TE Kyle Rudolph would be gone, but has remained with the team. There is no denying his talent. He has proved himself time and time again that he is a valuable player. That's not an issue, it's his pay.

The Minnesota Vikings really need to make some decisions. Irv Smith Jr and Tyler Conklin each are talented and have been getting more and more playing time and look like good players. They each make less than Kyle Rudolph.

During an interview with Ben Leber on the Unrestricted podcast (H/T KFAN) Kyle made some comments that look like he will say pay me this year. He told Leber that they are paying him well, but they aren't using him and wishes he could get more time. He also said he thinks he is worth every dime.

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According to Vikings Wire Rudolph will have a cap hit of $9.3 million. Are the Vikings going to use his 2020 numbers against him? He didn't play much, so he didn't have the numbers he used to.  With other guys on the team like Adam Thielen, Justin Jefferson, Dalvin Cook, Smith Jr., and Conklin, that's a crowd of great talent, and some of them the Vikings can get cheap.


So, I think the Vikings are going to ask for a restructure again, but I think this time it will be a restructure or walk. I think Kyle Rudolph will walk. I think he should. He is classy and is always a part of helping the community, and that is where Minnesota will miss him most. We will have to see how it shakes out, but I think Kyle will be wearing a new uniform. Here's a prediction, Gronk retires again, Kyle wears a Bucs jersey.



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