How folks survived without Google... I have no idea. I would not be able to find my way around town, know how to cook or understand the dating world without Google. I'm not going to lie... I may or may not have Googled some relationship stuff before, because I trust Google more than some of my friends.

Well, Century Link decided to look at Google analytics and determine what the most Googled relationship questions are for each state. Do you have any ideas what folks from Minnesota and Wisconsin are Googling? Well... let's take a look.

We'll start with Wisconsin. Apparently folks in Wisconsin don't know how to seal the deal. According to the Century Link study, the most Googled question by folks in Wisconsin is... "How to Propose to someone?" That is a ligament question to Google or ask Seri! You will possibly only do this once in your life, so you don't have much practice doing it.

Now looking at the land of ten thousand lakes. Personally I think "Minnesota Nice" has something to do with this one. The most Googled question in Minnesota is... "How to break up with someone?" Breaking up is probably one of the hardest things to do in a relationship. If you care about the other person, it makes it a lot harder. I can see why this is the most Googled question. We weren't alone with this one. The study says that 11 other states Google that question as well.

There were quite a few other findings. The second most Googled question across the country was "Am I in love?" Another good question if you don't have much experience in dating. According to the study, five states need help learning how to kiss. Other findings... "Does he like me," is two times more likely to be Googled than "Does she like me." There are some good answers to these questions, but there are also some bad answers. So like always, take what you read on the internet with a grain of salt. :)

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