They have celebrated Medford sports history together. Emma Kneifel, Izzy Reuvers, and Kiley Nihart were players on the first-ever Tigers state tournament volleyball team in 2018 and played in the state championship match. They helped lead the Medford basketball team to an unbeaten regular season in 2018-19. Their passions and college choices however, will take them in different directions, although two will attend school together.

Kniefel and Reuvers both committed to Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter for their academic and athletic pursuits. Kniefel will play basketball and Reuvers will play softball. Nihart will attend Rochester Community and Technical College and play volleyball.

Each athlete had their own reasons for deciding on the sport they will play in college. Kniefel said, "Basketball has been a passion on mine and I had a different love for it from the beginning when I touched a basketball." She initially dismissed Gustavus as a logical choice, but changed her mind, "Why did I even say 'no' right away. So I started looking back into it and I asked them if I could go on a visit. And I did and I met the team, the coaches, and I fell in love." Click below to hear an interview with Kniefel.

Reuvers said the Gusties softball coach expressed a great interest in having her join the program. Reuvers also believes it's her strongest sport. She's enjoyed her high school experience of playing multiple sports, "I developed a bunch on close-knit relationships with my fellow athletes." She turned on her persuasive skills while Kniefel was still deciding on a school, "She was kind of teeter-tottering back and forth and I said, 'you know you're going to love it Emma.'" Click below to hear comments from Reuvers.

Nihart said, "Volleyball has always been one of the more standout positions for me. As a sport, I always really enjoyed volleyball more so, as I did growing up having a big influence from my sister and watching her at the Civic Center play." Hear from Nihart below.

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