In everyday conversation we refer to station wagons or wagons and mini vans or vans yet can you recall an auto manufacturer using those terms? Years ago, Ford offered their Country Sedan. Chevrolet had the Nomad and the Parkwood. Buick with the Estate Wagon and Chrysler with their Town and Country. They were station wagons but that terminology wasn't used in their advertising.

Yet if you look below, there was a vehicle that actually put the "Station Wagon" notation right on its grill emblem. This is a 1960's Land Rover. Surprised? Would you have referred to that as a station wagon?

The following is speculation between the owner and me as to how this Land Rover came to be called a station wagon. First off England, where this Land Rover was made, has strong ties to Australia and New Zealand. This vehicle was designed for off road and work. How about farm or ranch work? Remember Ford had a ranch wagon. The term for ranch in Australia is "station". Maybe this was designed to drive from sheep station to sheep station in Australia. Hence the term "Station Wagon"?  I don't know for sure but it is surprising to see this vehicle being the only one I know that actually publicly claims to be a "Station Wagon". Would do you think?



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